Ma'an trio

Ma'an is an exceptional musical ensemble with qanun (lap harp), vocals and double bass, that combines and mixes different musical languages and styles into a perfect unison. Come and enter the musical universe of qanunplayer and composer Osama Abdulrasol. The magical strings of his fascinating instrument and the atmosphere of 1001 night that Osama manages to evoke with his, always enchant the most diverse audience. Double bass player and vocalist Henk De Laat has been Osama's musical companion for many years, a friendship that reflects in a perfect unity of sounds on stage. Singer Helloune mixes in a unique way classical and traditional elements in her voice. In Spanish, French and Arabic she translates thus perfectly the musical stories from the compositions of Osama Abdulrasol
These three musicians feel each other flawlessly. Together, they weave a sound carpet, sometimes subdued, then exuberant, where east and west subtly blend into each other.

Osama Abdulrasol is a Belgian-Iraqi musician, composer, producer and visual artist. He plays, among other things, the qanun (schootharp), oud and guitar. Music was forbidden in the strictly religious city of Kerbala, where he grew up. But as a child, his obsession with learning music was so great that he secretly learned to play every instrument he could get a hold of.

When the situation in his native country forced him to flee he ended up in Belgium, where a totally new (musical) world opened up for him. Very soon he started working with famous names from the music world and by now the list is too long to mention: Goran Bregovic, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Lucilla Galeazzi, Roby Lakatos, Lula Pena, are only a few of the artists that he shared the stage with. Today he plays almost anywhere in the world, both as a soloist and guest musician and with his own ensembles and projects. In 2013 he received the Culture Prize from his new home city Ghent, in recognition of his exceptional musical personality and cultural achievements.

Bass player and singer Henk de Laat graduated cum laude at the Rotterdam Conservatory as a master in jazz and contemporary music in 1987. He completed his classical bass studies in 1988. He then studied singing with Deborah Brown, Ge Titulaer and Rhiannon, among others.
As a versatile accompanist he played with top-ranked vocalists such as Shirley Bassey, Deborah Brown, Marjorie Barnes, Dee Daniels, Jahida Wehbe and with beautiful jazz musicians such as Mel Lewis, Bob Minzer and Bob Malach. Together with Denise Jannah he played at the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague. He played with "La Corda", a unique trio with guitarists Peter Mingaars and Ben Boogaard. He composed and played in various theater productions. Nowadays he is active in various groups such as Osama Abdulrasol duo, his own group Enrique Tarde, Giovanni Costello and De Laat & Schreurs.
Henk plays as he sings and sings as he plays. During many wanderings around the world Henk has lost his musical heart in Brazil, whose culture has remarkably influenced his music.

Soprano singer Helloune was fascinated by folksongs from hear childhood on. She studied classical music at the conservatories of Brussels and Antwerp and played in several classical productions, but traditional music never ceased to touch and tempt her.

She toured with classical French and Spanish song programs, and since 2013 she started playing with the Iraqi-Belgian Osama Abdulrasol, leaving thus the strictly classical path for a more adventurous approach of mixing musical styles and genres with her voice. Together with cello player Lode Vercampt, they form 'Lami Trio'. With the 'Osama Abdulrasol Quintet' she released in 2016 the cd 'Jedid', and is touring with this project in Europe and the Middle East.